La Liga hopes! Spanish prime minister green light kicks off on May 4

29 Apr

In contrast to the French Ligue ... Spanish La Liga is hoping to return to the game. After the national leaders opened the green light for athletes to return to practice on May 4.Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain Confirmation statement On Tuesday, April 28, the past that athletes are allowed in the country. Training begins on May 4, due to prepare to relax the lockdown measures.The announcement of the leader of Spain. Occurred on the same day as neighboring countries like France announced no sporting events. Long until September Which resulted in the Ligue and Ligue de regulars this season Has been canceled Although there are no clear dates for the La Liga battle, the Spanish Prime Minister has given each athlete a green light to practice on May 4, with personal practice. After that, it will be upgraded to practice at the training center on May 11. Spain is one of the countries that has been heavily affected by the spread of the virus "Covid-19", with the world's second highest number of infected people at 232,128 people and has died 23,822. Third highest in the world

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